A piano to be proud of

Robert and family play really well – they have a good upright and this Broadwood sat in the lounge. Stable tuning was an issue, the action was a roller but an early ‘comb’ continuous -centre action and alignment was an issue and playability was poor.

The case and lots of veneer issues and was very dark – you couldn’t see the beautiful grain figure. The soundboard was split from top to toe, the bridges were split and the very heavy steel frame had lost its gloss. The Broadwood crest proving the same factory had made a similar sized piano for the Royal family which now resides in Sandringham was looking rather sad.

Robert liked it but the only option was a big investment into a big piano – was it worth it, would he be happy with the finished piano? His parents loved the idea and wanted to help it become a reality and after much consideration they went forward with the works.

Several months later the piano emerged, transformed – see pictures and hear the phone video. The comb action ahs been upgraded, the whole acoustic side fully rebuilt and tehc abient hand french polished with a real deep body to the shine.
Indeed, it is now an awesome instrument that British Heritage should be proud of.

Robert and family are delighted, especially now the piano has settled in and played-in and the tone really filled out and mature.
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