A Retired Professional Pianist Brings a Bechstein Back to Life

This was the clients childhood piano, she wasn’t a top pianist, but enjoys playing and had played and played this piano for years and years.

In her semi-retirement she bought a lovely grand piano for the main lounge… but this was for performance, sometimes you just want to play alone.

Asking advice many said by a cheap Yamaha or similar but the tinny sound was loud and unforgiving… and she didn’t enjoy playing that sort of tone… and this piano had formed her ear for something more special.

We had sold her the grand for the drawing room so she called us out to discuss the upright, and whilst it was a significant investment, we could hear what she loved about the piano and we were able to assure her this would be enhanced and brought out even more, and everything she didn’t like would be removed.

300 man hours later the BECHSTEIN emerged from our workshops absolutely transformed - and musically it was perfect, just needing some playing-in and refining as the hammers were used. A later voicing session after a few months brought it up to its very best.

And then, unusually, the cabinet came out too dark. The piano was very sun-bleached so when re-polished found again its original colour. So 1066 workshop stripped it down again and bleached it and repolished it again – so now both appearance and music are exactly right and our client delighted.
Before Restoration
Erard Before RestorationErard Before Restoration
After Restoration
Erard Complete RestorationErard Complete Restoration
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