ReBORN & Bespoke

As well as piano restoration, we also specialise in piano customisation; producing custom pianos, as well as piano accessories, seating and other furniture to complement your instrument.

Via our sister brand Edelweiss Pianos we are able to build your bespoke piano to your own design. Our work with our Creative Director to engineer the perfect piano for your space.

If you already have a piano our ReBORN service can redesign the case and restore the piano to exceptional standards and in a way that suits your current style and interiors.

If you can dream it, we can design it. With a personal commission, the expertise of Cambridge’s piano tailoring service is at your full disposal.

World-class craftsmen, acousticians, trimmers, electronics experts and fitters all channelling their unique skills and expertise to turn your musical dream into a real, custom piano. The only constraint is your imagination and the laws of gravity.

Bring your piano design to life


Every detail can be specified to your exact liking, from the shape and style of your piano’s legs, to the fabric and finish of your piano stool. Even the keyboard sharps and naturals can be subtly contrasted to complement your décor.


A button from a dinner jacket. A retro coffee machine. A favourite polo shirt. A classic pre-war air plane. These are just a few of the wide and varied range of objects our clients have used for colour inspiration. Virtually any hue can be matched, but if that’s not possible colours can be created from scratch by blending pigments and resins.

Natural Wood

We invest considerable time in liaising with craftsmen and clients in order to select the right veneer to achieve a desired effect. This is then enhanced by use of both traditional and cutting edge processes.


From traditional and durable, to modern ultra-high gloss, to antique style French polished – we provide a range of fantastic finishes to suit your vision, applied and perfected by hand.

Self-Play with Virtuoso Pianos

There’s no better way to bring your custom piano to life than to equip it to play itself. Our self-play technology turns a beautiful, custom object into a thing of wonder – captivating all who come in contact with it.

Controlled via Virtuoso – our self-play software, you can operate your piano from your smart phone or tablet.

A single tap is all it takes for music to take control of your Virtuoso piano. The keys spring to life accurately reproducing the full expression and dynamism of an original performance – from pianissimo to fortissimo, with 1,024 graduations in between.

Your very own ‘resident’ concert pianist is available 24 hours a day, accurately reproducing the finest nuances of any song you may care to choose.

Read more about our self-play system and if you piano is suitable for installation here.

Designed for Self-Play

Want a custom piano specifically designed for self-play? Try Edelweiss.

Sister brand of 1066, Edelweiss specialise in combining musical performance with visual spectacle. Via an online configurator you can choose from a variety of pianos, colours, veneers, finishes, and more – to create something truly unique. The possibilities are endless.

For personal enjoyment or commercial purpose, Edelweiss pianos lead the way in self-play design and technology.