Flood, fire, smoke damage repairs remedial works and rebuilds

What does it mean for my piano if my home has suffered water damage; whether from flooding caused by external rising water or internal plumbing failure?

What are the combined affects of water and fire damage caused by a internal fire?

How do I save my piano?

The good news is that with our specialist facilities and processes we can sort out the piano when the height of the crisis has passed in virtually every case.

Open lid of restored piano for 1066

Flood Damage

Our first question is the level of damage. Has the piano been directly affected, perhaps sitting in water or has the home been flooded and the piano has been in a damp environment?

Either requires the piano is moved as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Our 1066 Disaster Recovery Team operates UK wide. Call our head office on 01223 881691 or email sales@1066pianos.com

If the piano has stood in water, or if water has poured onto it from above, it will need urgent attention by a specialist. This will involve controlled kilning to minimise the damage caused by the humidity fluctuations.

A piano is a very complicated instrument with many silvered pin pivots and open copper and steel strings, all subject to tarnishing and warping from rising humidity. The damage can be minimised by reducing exposure to the damp and changes in humidity as much as possible. Further damage can be caused to a piano by dehumidifiers, drying out the room after the flooding. This change in humidity can split soundboards and wrest planks.

Training on how to measure string length at 1066

Fire Damage

Has the piano been directly affected by the flames or by excessive heat? Or has the piano been in a smoke infiltered environment?

The immediate actions you can take are to close up the piano lids and if possible wrap it with rugs or heavy fabric to prevent further smoke damage.

Call our dedicated Disaster Recovery Team on 01223 881691 to professionally move your piano from the area as soon as possible.


Make sure just in case you have a good policy and your valuation is kept up to date. Depending on the policy a piano often should be listed as a separate item as its value will be higher than standard household effects.

Contact our valuation service available at

sales@1066pianos.com or call 01223 881691


Yes, most certainly. Clients across the globe have been trusting our 1066 Care Team to restore their pianos for generations.

A piano is not something you can just replace with a new one, your piano is part of you and your musical expression. It’s sound and touch are what you know and there is often intense emotional attachment. At 1066 we understand, we are passionate and dedicated and have specialist skills far beyond the scope of smaller workshops. You can rest peacefully assured and look forward to your pianos return.

  1. Keep safe yourself – we can always sort the piano out later.
  2. If there is excess water on the piano from a leak above as far as possible dry it off with cloths and towels and once this is done close up the top lid and key fall lid.
  3. Take photos, if possible, of the piano and the environment.
  4. Call 1066 with the note the piano make, if upright or grand, approx. size, where the piano is situated (ground floor, stair access) and the extent of damage.
  5. If possible keep dehumidification low or see if it can wait until piano is removed.

Even if your piano has been fire damaged and then water damaged from efforts to extinguish the fire it is still likely that it can be restored. Our experts in the care workshop will consolidate the piano and parts and give a thorough workshop assessment within a week of its arrival.

Your piano may have escaped unscathed from the flames but it can absorb smoke damage in the wood, felts and finish (stains to the polish). Once collected we have a special de-fumigating and deep cleaning process to remove the odour without affecting the piano parts. It’s very important a piano is treated and serviced after smoke and fire history so we can remove the memory for you forever and your piano comes back to your newly restored home as your remember it.

We have a  specialist drying area kept at lower humidity, and then once restoration starts we use an infra-red process for deeper drying so damage from wood movement is kept to an absolute minimum by careful controls.

Firstly get 1066 to collect to prevent further environmental damage from excessive drying out. Once with us we will supply a full report for insurance with detailed breakdown of costings and options.

The piano will need to be assessed once dried out and a measured, careful appraisal made. Sometimes all parts do need to be replaced, but similarly depending on water quantities, often parts can be repaired.

Yes – because of our specialist drying out and rebuilding facilities it certainly is.

This does not always show up immediately, it can take time to form. Best for the piano to be removed and we can then attend to any mould removal safely.