Fire Damaged Antique Gaveau Baby Grand

This beautiful antique Gaveau baby grand was played daily and a well-loved centrepiece to a London home. Situated on the third floor while the owners were on a weekend away a fire broke out in the bedroom located directly above, leading to a burst pipe in the floor and ceiling collapse.

The water, burning embers and force of the ceiling hit the piano with a great force from above. Thankfully the piano lid was closed and while this did catch fire it prevented more of the pianos delicate mechanisms from being damaged.

Water entered the piano, keyboard, mechanisms and joints and with the additional heat the damage was extensive. After close inspection by our team we were pleased to take on the challenge of restoration.

Work began sourcing a accurate replacement representation of the beautifully figured flame mahogany veneer, and the contrasting lemonwood lid underside. We cut new wooden leg threads ensuring the piano itself was structurally stable.

The original French soundboard was dried in our specialist drying facility and the frame re-gilded. New wrestplank, strings, bridge cappings, bearing cloths, hitch pins and wrest -pins were all fitted. This was coupled with the new keyboard, springs, felts and more. The expertise needed to restore this antique goes far beyond any normal restoration technician. 1066 successfully rebuilt the piano with sympathy and passion.

Before Restoration:

During Restoration:

After Restoration:

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