Flood Damaged Schimmel Upright

This beautiful German made Schimmel upright, a treasured family piece, bought in the late 1980’s, had been damaged by flood water. The piano had been standing in approximately 20cms of water for some hours and once rescued it was transported to our controlled drying room.

The water had affected the side panels, feet, legs and caused loose veneer and significant movement and distortion to the cabinet members. Likewise, there was corrosion on the strings where a clear ‘tarnish water line’ evidenced itself.  The lower pedals and trappwork were badly affected; whilst the playing mechanism and keyboard was still in playable order it was critical that it had minor works carried out to ensure there is no incipient damage that will cause issues later.

After drying the piano was moved into our special infrared processing section to minimise movement and damage. When drying was complete and it was ensured there was no further movement due to moisture we commenced the restoration works.

New parts were made for the legs and toes and the sides and bottom door were re-manufactured, using a matching veneer. The entire cabinet was then stripped down and re-lacquered and brasswork was burnished to remove tarnishing.

After the specific infrared drying works, surgery was completed to the soundboard and the whole board sealed well to stabilise. Bridges were also restored and then the piano re-strung and pinned and tuned to concert pitch.

The action was stripped down and all pivots renewed or treated to ensure no future sluggishness occurs, likewise the keyboard was stripped down and every key bushing and guide hole eased and lubricated and the key pins polished smooth. Then the associated re-regulation and calibration processes were completed to bring the touch and response back to its very best.

After pre-delivery works and checks and fine tuning the piano is again returned home to a relived and appreciative client for great musical service in the future.

Before Restoration:

During Restoration Works:

Completed Restoration:

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