Monington & Weston Fire Damage Repair

This stunning London handcrafted Monington & Weston upright piano is a treasured family heirloom with sentimental value. It is a classic example of how smoke can damage a seemingly untouched masterpiece.

Monington & Weston manufactured pianos in the UK between 1858 and 1975.

Before Restoration:

1066 conducted an initial report on the piano, collecting and transporting it from Surrey to our Cambridge workshop. Luckily the piano was not directly affected by the fire which occurred in the adjoining room and therefore had no subsequent water damage. However, on inspection we were able to see that it had deep set smoke penetration, and a lingering smell of fire.

Our workshop team set to work deep cleaning, correcting and tuning the piano back to its glorified beginnings.

Simply put, wow. What an amazing job!

Mr AG, Surrey

After Restoration:

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