The Bechstein Grand from New Zealand

Tammy’s family Bechstein Grand she learned to play on resided in a remote sea-front home near Auckland in New Zealand – it was the other side of the globe, literally. It was bequeathed to her… but could it be brought back to England and restored to a condition that her own daughters to also enjoy it, and progress on it to the next level as they had outgrown their very standard Yamaha Upright.

Tammy was recommended to us by a pianist friend for whom we had restored her own Bechstein, which now resides with her own daughter. It made the possibility nearer as it was a similar case, so Tammy called us up. Immediately she found that an import from even New Zealand left us un-phased, we already had connections… and in due course it was all happening.

It wasn’t without complications – the Bechstein had original ivories which of course we wanted to keep. Being vintage we were able to get CITES certification from both NZ and UK authorities which took a few months. When this was finally through there was a period of terrible storms and flooding in Auckland, and the piano just couldn’t be moved for quite a few weeks.. and when it finally could be the CITES had expired and we had to re-apply.

In due course the piano hit Felixstowe port and went through customs smoothly and arrived in Cambridge for an initial inspection, confirmation of quote tendered and discussion of the various options on the casework etc

Work began – the piano underwent the routine kilning to climate it for UK, and then the full rebuild over several months… it had great potential and after our works became a wonderful piano to treasure for ever, and pass down the generations again.

Our restoration process gives every piano a life expectancy as when first built, rebuilt to last and give lasting satisfaction and happiness, and rebuilt rugged to withstand the storms ahead where ever and what ever they maybe – the piano’s own trouble free performance is guaranteed.

It’s another 1066 great story about a great piano and a very happy musical family.

Restoration in progress
Restoration complete
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