At 1066 Pianos we offer a retro fit service to convert your piano into a player piano. This is done by installing our Virtuoso Self-Play offered by our sister brand EDELWEISS. 

The Virtuoso system itself can be fitted to any piano, regardless of make or model. What makes our Self-Play installation so unique is the ability to convert your piano into a concert ready instrument. Our retrofit service brings a superior musical experience to any piano design or make, regardless of age.

Our self-play system works via an iPad and exclusive app' designed to make enjoying your piano even more special.

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Installing self-play

Subject to an assessment and appraisal to confirm, we can most certainly fit your piano with Self-Play.

We will initially request some photographs and piano details to allow our team to assess and provide a guide of costs with all the optional extras available to you.

Our team of experts are able to fit self-play to a majority of pianos. Not only that, but our fitting system includes any works to improve your piano tone and manual play. The self-play will only replicate as well as the piano plays manually and therefore often we undertake some additional work on the piano to improve its performance capability. This is normally just regulation and voicing and checking up of the structure and set up unless the piano is very tired when small works or sometimes rebuilding is required.

Using Self-Play

Every note has its own little solenoid which is placed at the very back of the key. Rather than the player pushing the key down at the front this pushes the key up at the back. The hardware and software hidden in the piano tells the solenoid how to perform and it will play music beautifully with control and expression. The system has over 1100 graduations of loud to soft and can be refined to a very high standard of performance.

Our Self-Play system makes no difference at all to the manual playability of your piano. The solenoids that operate the keys push the keys up from the back, and are just sitting waiting to work without interfering with the playing at all. In fact, you can even play along with Self-Play at the same time! It’s a great tool for practising exam pieces, playing alongside the virtual pianist playing to improve and to perfect timing. Ask about our added extras such as Record and Playback.


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