Welcome to a realm where the echoes of history meet the skilled hands of restoration artisans. Our Piano Restoration Stories are a testament to the transformative power of expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication to preserving the musical treasures that stand the test of time.

A Symphony of Resurrection

From the ashes of fire to the aftermath of flood damage, witness the miraculous rebirth of instruments that were thought to be lost. Our restoration experts breathe new life into these resilient pianos, turning devastation into a symphony of resurrection.

Heirlooms Reclaimed

Among the restoration tales, you'll find pianos that have witnessed generations pass. These are not just instruments; they are cherished heirlooms steeped in memories. Discover the narratives of pianos left in disrepair, forgotten in attics or basements, only to be rediscovered and brought back to life musically. Each stroke of the keys is a resounding echo of a legacy reclaimed.

Expert Attention, Artistic Revival

Our restoration process goes beyond technical expertise; it's an artistic revival. Every curve, every key, and every string is meticulously attended to, with a commitment to preserving the soul of the instrument. The result is not just a restored piano but a masterpiece that transcends time and tells a story of resilience and musical continuity.

Preserving the Past, Enriching the Future

At 1066 Pianos, our dedication to piano restoration is fueled by a profound respect for the past and a vision for the future. We understand the sentimental value attached to each piano and approach restoration as a delicate balance between preservation and enhancement.
A Retired Professional Pianist Brings a Bechstein Back to Life

This was the clients childhood piano, she wasn’t a top pianist, but enjoys playing and had played and played this piano for years and years. In her semi-retirement she bought a lovely grand piano for the main lounge… but this was for performance, sometimes you just want to play alone. Asking advice many said by […]

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A piano to be proud of

Robert and family play really well – they have a  good upright and this Broadwood sat in the lounge. Stable tuning was an issue, the action was a roller but an early ‘comb’ continuous -centre action and alignment was an issue and playability was poor. The case and lots of veneer issues and was very […]

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The Bechstein Grand from New Zealand

Tammy’s family Bechstein Grand she learned to play on resided in a remote sea-front home near Auckland in New Zealand – it was the other side of the globe, literally. It was bequeathed to her… but could it be brought back to England and restored to a condition that her own daughters to also enjoy […]

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Untunable Erard Gets A New Lease of Life

Charlie had purchased an Erard Upright from 1066 in the 1990s – a lovely rebuilt instrument from around 1900 and as a family they had really enjoyed it. When they moved from Cambridge to London the Erard upright went downstairs in a living basement area and was still much enjoyed. On the ground floor in […]

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100 Year Old Piano, Reborn

Louise and her sister were clearing up their parents’ home as circumstances meant they had to go into care… and being local and recommended they contacted 1066 to ask what to do about the piano. They thought it had been in the family from new – but they weren’t sure. It had a good tone […]

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‘It has never sounded or looked this good!’

The tuner in Wales told Mrs Jones either she would have to restore the piano or get another –  it would no longer hold pitch and the playing action was poor. Furthermore, it was her late husband’s family piano and on the piano among others stood a photo of her daughter’s wedding day and her […]

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Restored Memories: Fire Damaged Baby Grand

Chris Norman, 1066 Director and restoration expert explains, ‘I was called out to see a fire damaged baby grand piano in the north of England, and to this day I have never forgotten the atmosphere in this once lovely little period cottage. The main room of the house had caught fire, started electrically. It had […]

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