100 Year Old Piano, Reborn

Louise and her sister were clearing up their parents’ home as circumstances meant they had to go into care… and being local and recommended they contacted 1066 to ask what to do about the piano.

They thought it had been in the family from new – but they weren’t sure. It had a good tone for its size and the cabinet was well cared for – they was plenty of music in the family but it was a question of if the piano justified the investment.

This was a 1926 Windover Upright, made in London. 1066 have rebuilt many over the years, not famous but well-made good-sounding solidly-built uprights and baby grands with a full powerful bass and good contrasting treble – definitely a rewarding investment.

Then in my inspection I discovered a folded piece of paper under the frame in the bottom of the piano. It was the original bill of sale, and yes, it was made out to the two sister’s grandfather exactly 100 years before! … so yes this piano had always been in the one family. This somehow made it all the more special.

After due consideration the family went ahead with a full rebuild, and just minor works to the case. See pictures – it came up very well and is now giving excellent service 4 and 5 generations on… and will continue down the line… a very worthwhile and rewarding ‘special’ investment.
Before restoration
After restoration
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